Spent the past 20+ years building a successful career on a strong foundation of sales and marketing. As CEO of Intercon Solutions, an international electronics recycling firm, Brian led his company to a 300% increase in revenues between 2004 and 2009. Despite ups and downs of the market, Brian's drive and expertise has allowed him to take Intercon Solutions and his employees to new heights. As a Dale Carnegie graduate and Chicago native, Brian has built a reputation as one of the Windy City's savviest entrepreneurs.

In building a successful company, Brian has learned the value and importance of teamwork. His philosophy is to maintain a team atmosphere and allow people and personality to run the business. Brian surrounds himself with people that have proven themselves experts in their fields and he strives to inspire creative direction in order to bring out the very best in his businesses and his clients.

Brian has both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Business Administration, a Masters in Accounting and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Sport Psychology. In his downtime, Brian has earned a Gracie Purple Belt in Brazilian Jujitsu. Brian has two amazing sons, Austin and Brendan, that are the center and driving force behind everything he does. It is his hope and fatherly aspiration to pass along his love for business and entrepreneurial passion to them as they grow and become future leaders in their fields.